"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Of Spiderwebs, Driftwood Creatures and Campgrounds

Heading home.   Not happy with this cold freeze that is coming through but if I can drive out of Ohio during unfavorable weather I ought to be able to drive back.   It just isn't as much fun.

Spiderwebs are what I woke up to the last morning in Potters Creek COE Campground in Texas.

And there was driftwood, too!

This is what a great bone yard of magical creatures looks like

This creature came home with me..... 

If you watch closely she may wink at you..... 

This is what a Senior Discount and $18. will get you in an AR State Park.  If you were tent camping on the pad up by the table in warmer weather, you could go to bed listening to the creek that runs behind this part of the loop.

And if you brought your horses and stayed in the other loop, here are some fine box stalls under cover to keep them safe.

 There are more pictures but I think you have probably seen enough.   Tomorrow Lark and Audrey and I take the last leg of the drive back to still frozen Ohio.  But the sun is predicted to shine.  We take what we can get. And if we are really fortunate by my calculations the propane should last through the night.  And those two jugs of pink antifreeze that I have been hauling around since I left Ohio in December just got dumped into the holding tanks to help keep them from freezing....

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mostly Rocks, Still in Arizona

Today was the catch up on errands and get ready to pullout tomorrow if the weather cooperates.  Errands were run before the weather app showed the high wind symbol. Now Audrey and Lark are looking at me and wondering why their "house" is rocking so badly. 

Yesterday was sunny, windless and supportive of horseback riding.  The Triangle T Ranch is located off I-10 just a few miles East of Benson and the start of the Dragoon Mountains.  This is the area that Cochise and his people would winter in after spending the rest of the year avoiding the military by holding up across the valley in what is no referred to as Cochise's Stronghold.   I out maneuvered the military for ten years.

Before we start looking at rocks, I thought I would throw in this picture of one of the front lawns here at the Escapee's Park in Benson.    When you live in tan RV and maybe a small Casita, hobbies go where they can go.

This root was noticed back at the ranch before we started out. The computer does not always post pictures in the order in which they were taken and, yes, I sometimes get lazy about rearranging picture order. 

The mountain over there is Cochise's Stronghold area.

This rock area is on the museum property next to the ranch.  According to Buddy, our trail guide, there is an Indian Elder that comes out a couple of time each year to preform sacred ceremonies in several areas around the ranch and neighboring areas.   This rock area was one that the tribes would use when they came together in this area.

This building was originally build around the time that the US government took over the ranch temporarily at the beginning of WWII to house the Japanese Ambassadors and other Embassy individuals until they could be shipped to Europe and traded. It was all secret, secret at the time. There are several areas where you can still see iron spikes coming out of the rocks that marked the limits of how far the Japanese could walk.  The rustic porch that was on the front got grabbed away about a year ago in a micro burst.   The building had been used in the 50's for a movie site: The 3:10 to Yuma.

The Rig tanks have been emptied and we have water on board. We are ready to pull out tomorrow if it is feasible. If not we will hunker down for one more day.  Either way West Texas is in my future at least on more time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Happy Birthday Lark

Lark turned two today.  I told her that the snow we woke up to was her birthday present.  Lark seemed to accept that.  Audrey just laughed and mumbled about the gullibility of Golden Retrievers.

When I looked out the window and saw Lark's present I grabbed some clothes and boots, two dogs and my camera.  I know the snow dusting everything would not last for long. As soon the the sun, wind and temperatures all gained strength the magic would be gone.  But in the meantime the desert look different under the dusting.

Audrey had to remind Lark that yes they were still cactus and maybe she should be careful.

After our walk we headed back to the rig and stayed warm for several hours. Later, I texted Beth to see if she wanted to go with us to visit Whitewater Draw.  This area is known for hosting huge flocks of cranes and some other migratory birds. Beth has been here many time and even boondocked out in the small parking lot.  Given the chilly temperatures and the wind today it was not a campsite either of us would have wanted to park out in.

Given the blustery weather the cranes were here but hunkered down.  So I didn't expect to see any mass fly in or fly out, which is what people come to observe.  The amazing thing for me was to think about all the hundreds of miles in this area of Arizona and this relatively small area of wetlands is where these thousands of cranes come back to each year.   Granted Arizona probably doesn't have many environments conducive to support so many birds but still that they are here in the middle of nowhere is striking.

On warmer days there would probably have been multiple cameras and people sitting and standing around waiting. Waiting for the cranes to take flight. This couple was planning on waiting the afternoon for the perfect shot.  

Birds where ever you look.

It was Lark's birthday but Lark graciously invited Audrey to come on the ride-along with her.  Beth kindly offered to be her walker.   As Beth noticed, Audrey went to sleep as soon as she got in the car and didn't get up until we arrived.   Yes, Audrey is the perfect ride along dog.

"I'll just tuck my head under my wing. Wake me when the wind die down....."

The little brown ducks were over in the other area on their own.

There is always one.   That white duck near the center bottom of the picture.  

On the walk back to the parking area I noticed a water pump bringing water into the wet lands.  Not a bad idea and a good reason for the cranes to keep finding their way back to this area.

"Lets walk over to the large pavilion," says Beth.  There is usually an Owl perched in there.   It took a minute to locate the owl.  Beth said that the owl is usually just perched on a beam at the far end. This time there was a nest on the other end right up in the peak.  It was difficult to even tell if there was something in the nest but both Beth and I saw something moving.  Luckily I brought the good camera today.  Does this tell you anything about the gusty winds today?

Good Night Moon.     Tomorrow is another day.