"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Sunday, March 27, 2016

It Wasn't On My Bucket List

This going back to work for a month or two or three sure takes a big bite out of my free time.  It does however provide for the future adventures, travels and dog shows so I will be patient.   

My camera did make its way north from being left behind in Charlotte, NC, when I stopped off to visit my daughter and her husband.   My final adventure of the winter excursion was captured inside.  

Completing a ropes course as part of team building was never offered as any part of my career experience.   I had never really thought to even add it to my bucket list.  I mean I did try scuba diving after I turned sixty.  I didn't start kayaking until after I retired but a ropes course was not on my radar.

First you need to know that I love my daughter and am honored to witness how much faith she has in my abilities.   It sometimes feels like a role reversal.  She encourages me to push my comfort zones and try new things.   "Lets go to the Whitewater Center," she says, "We can do the zip line," she says.   "Hey, and we can do the ropes course, too!"  "Would you like to try the ropes course?" "Yeah, you can do it. Its not hard," she says.......

Kate has worked summers at the Whitewater Center for many years.  She has most recently taught kayaking for the last few years but has previously worked the climbing walls, several of the zip lines and several of the ropes courses.  The center also has miles of hiking trails and miles of trails for mountain bikes.  They have restaurants some of which stay open year round and live music in the summer season.   Families can buy passes.  They can come all day with picnic lunches and enjoy any of the activities they choose.  Folks can rent kayaks and bikes or bring their own from home.  Same with the climbing gear.   

Though it was early in the season and the whitewater wasn't turned on and the crowds were small, Kate said that the lines can be long in the summer.  Watching the children scamper around on the ropes courses and head off to the climbing wall made me think how great it would be to have access to all these physically challenging activities and the skills, coordination, strength and health they encourage.   Sadly, I believe that I might have started too late to master some of the skills.

A zipline I have done before. Piece of cake.  Unfortunately the big zipline that takes you through the canopy of trees was down for constuction and renovations.  So we took the big long one that zips over where the whitewater rapids would be had the channel been filled and the water turned on.....Kate said it is pretty neat to zip over the kayaks trying to make it through the class III and IV rapids with water spraying everywhere.   But the trees are the best. Alas, no tress this trip.

Kate and Lucas

The center is in the process of building two more towers so that folks will do a double zip, down one way and back the other.  Kate said it will make it easier to get the equipment back to the starting point quicker without folks having to walk the length of the run to zip back.  You can see were the water levels are when the kayak course is running.  They do have channels or loops. One takes you down the Class III and up rapids and the other takes you through the class I and II rapids. They both complete a circle and bring the kayakers back to a central pool were they can kayak up to a large conveyor belt and ride back it up to the top for another paddle through either of the courses.

You have to imagine the kayaks slicing through the spray about here.

From the zipline, Lucas took off to retrieve his bike and travel some trails.  Kate and I headed off to the ropes course.  This is the beginners course. Kate had me do this second.  It was a good thing because had I done this one first I would have known to stay off the medium level course.  Climbing rope ladders. How hard can that be?  Remember that walking dogs and kayaking some calm waters is the extent of my physical health care program.  I talk about adding yoga for balance, flexibility and strength but haven't managed that yet.....

Again, I marvel at the dexterity of youth but then again they don't have size 12 shoes......

It was the intermediate course that tackled me first. Kate did take a couple of pictures of me holding on for life though a few of the sections. Her comments would be, "Hey, you aren't smiling."  One of my responses was. "I am not sure I am having fun...."   I did suggest that I would smile if I survived it.   And yes, I knew that I was hooked in and wasn't going to fall to the ground, but the thought of me having to pull myself back onto the course was incomprehensible to me.   I don't have much strength in my arms. I knew that it should be more a question of balance but apparently my body didn't trust that balance theory or my ability to make the balance work for me. I always felt top heavy and ready to tip.  And then there were the kids that climbed around like monkeys just to remind me of how old and out of shape I am.

The course was laid out in a long rectangular loop with about 8-9 different sections. Some seemed to go better than others.  It was pretty amazing to watch the kids work their way through, especially compared to the efforts the adults had to put in.

I reminded Kate that the contestants on The Amazing Race were often motivated to overcome their fears for the lure of cash.   She did say that if I survived we could probably head over for some lunch later......   

Just walk on the cable until you get to the round wooden cage and bend down and crawl through and then stand back up again......no problem, right?

Luckily for me Kate stayed behind me the whole way. The rules state that two can be on each section at one time.  Kate figured out all on her own that I didn't need the extra wobbles on the ropes.   She does love me.....

Later after I had survived, we headed over to take a second and third zipline through a grove of trees. It was a made up of two shorter zips, In the summer the trees make it more shaded and a nice break from the sunny areas.  Below the zipline there was another simple set of rope courses weaving back and forth through the trees and between platforms.   Every where you looked there were adults and kids climbing and zipping and moving around.  

There are many ways to enjoy the center.   People watching in the summer would probably be a good sport. Watching the kayakers try to make it through the rapids and bailing out would be one attraction.

Or walking your dogs.

So that was the last of the winter adventures.

Dog shows and work are about as exciting as it has gotten around here for the last month.  I think it might be a couple more months until the puppers and I head back out but if the adventures are picture worthy you will be able to follow along right here.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Brief Stop in Georgia

The dogs and I have started our trip north.  We headed up I-95 and made it as far as Darien, GA, so that we could have a short visit with Lori and her husband Doc.   Lori's get-together in PA, back in 2009 was the first WomenRV GTG that I attended. From there it was a GTG in Nashville the rest is history.

I stayed at the RV park where Lori and Doc have their "southern" 5th wheel permanently parked. After full-timing, work camping and traveling for over 7 years they now split there time between north and south.  Their other 5th wheel is stored up in PA for their summer trips to visit family.  And that is one way full-time RVers slow down.

While visiting I headed off one afternoon to visit the King George Fort.  It was only after that I realized that I didn't take any pictures of the old fort itself.  It just didn't seem as interesting as the salt marshes and what the soldiers might have seen looking out over the lands.

This is a picture of the small Highlander's cottage.    It made my RV look spacious.

The fencing won't be keeping the chickens safe tonight.

May need to rethink the moat. 

Thinking these ropes were added for the safety of the tourist and not the soldiers.

memories of summer camp.....

Enjoying the purchase of gas outside of Florida and I'm not even in SC, yet!

One day Lori and I rode over to take a tour of the Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation and learn all everyone needs to know about rice growing in South Carolina Low Country.

Thought of Sarah when we got a look at a small collection of the Family's silver. (Five Generations worth)


And, again, apparently I was more interested in the Live Oaks and the Spanish Moss than the old house. It was an old wood frame home with all the family furnishings that were in use when that last sister passed away in 1973 well into her 80's.   As the ranger who took us through the house reminded us, the "big" houses of the planter families were on the stately streets of Savannah.   And well, I really like trees.....

I am currently parked on an old South Carolina State Park near Columbia.  It is very convenient to I-77, but I am thinking back to conversations Brenda and I had back in Florida as we evaluated whether or not she would want to tow her 5th wheels down the twisty narrow campground roads between trees on both side.   I am thinking that she better not try this one!   The dogs heard me muttering until I found a site that looked level and possible to back into with out trees jumping in front of the rig......

On to Charlotte, NC......and driveway camping tomorrow.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

This Year's Silver River Adventures

The days here in Florida are dwindling down to the last.  We will be slowly making our way back north starting tomorrow....very slowly.  I start work on Wednesday, March 2, so I have time to visit at some stops along the way and adjust the last bit depending upon the weather reports at the time.

Before heading off to Silver River one day with Brenda I drove up to Melrose to have lunch with Leslie Lingenfelter Skeans, a co-worker from 40 years ago when I started teaching.  I got to visit her small bit of Florida paradise after a taste lunch.  Oh, the interesting paths our lives take through the years.   Visiting relatives and friends scattered around the states is a wonderful benefit of traveling in a MH.

The next day Brenda and I headed over to Silver River so that Brenda could experience another kayaking practice and see why the Silver River calls Liz back again and again each year.

Brenda took command of the Sea Eagle "Fast Track" and I got to carry the 14 pound Hornbeck down to the water for my third voyage.  

Mama Osprey sitting on the nest while Papa flew in and out with treats for her.

Another day after my laundry was done Brenda suggested a drive over to take a look at Manatee Springs and the adjacent state campground.  There were several deer munching around the parking lot as we arrived.

The campground had many nice sites but the springs were not really what either of us expected. We got to spot a few manatees in the springs themselves but that lower section of the Suwanee River that it runs directly into is larger that either of us would have wanted to paddle.  The day trip without kayaks worked out well enough.   It was cool enough that there were only two bathers in the springs. One was swimming laps and the other was standing out of the water keeping her eye on the snake swimming through the swimming area.

I am not sure that the young woman even bothered to go back into the water.

We ourselves walked on down the boardwalk towards the river.  There were at least a 1/2 dozen manatees or more out in the main spring.  

Three out of four dogs got a bath yesterday and all four had a spa day for nails this afternoon.  I would have said they "enjoyed" a spa day but we all know it was not their choice of activities.   The dog bedding all sat out in the afternoon sun and the rig is smelling much fresher.  Tomorrow will be a slow start and easy drive to a campground in southern Georgia that a friend and her husband call their winter home.   The dogs will enjoy checking out new trails and roads.....