"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Southern horse-pitality

What do you do when it might be too windy to go kayaking down the river......Find the horses.

They weren't too far away either.   The horseback riding and Canyon Zipline Adventures are both just down the road from McIntosh.

The groups are no larger than ten (we had six in ours) and the small barn was just large enough to house enough horses for tourists, 2 guides and a couple of extras.  The pastures and turn out areas were very nice for hard working school horses.

The pensive cowgirl, Liz.

I told her "butt" shots don't count when you are riding horses, kayaking on lakes and rivers or hiking with dogs. (They only count when you are dumping tanks, or leaning over trying to get into a kayak gracefully.)

Notice the excellent posture. Her hours of mule riding in the Grand Canyon are showing.

As you ride through the quarry trails you catch glimpses of some of the Zipline course.

More platforms up in the trees.

Notice the camera angle facing backwards?   She does this so smoothly.

Mia the guide taking pictures for us to look at and purchase later, maybe......  After we were finished and returned to the front office I told Liz that I really didn't need to hang around to look at the pictures because I was hearing "voices" calling to me from the ice cream display and should probably leave the area immediately.  We made it out safely this time. I don't always.....

Zipline over the quarry anyone?

Back in their standing stalls, the horses got some shade, water and rest before the third tour ride comes in about an hour.

It was this guy's day off.  "Y'all come back!"   ....besides he wanted more neck rubs.....


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