"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Plants, Animals and Rocks

More pictures from trips to Saguaro National Park, the Desert Museum.....people, places, animals and things.

First day trip was out to Saguaro National Park on the east of Tucson.  Left to Right: Cheryl, Eileen and me.

Besides a visit to the Visitor's Center the exploration of the park is done mostly by taking a slow drive around the park loop. With many pull outs for pictures it was a good choice on a cooler day.

The urge to make several of the desert pictures black and white was hard to resist after a visit to the Desert Museum.   Several rooms were dedicated to Hollywood and the movies that have been filmed throughout the state and the southwest in general.   The posters and picture stills from the old westerns evoked that sense of childhood and those old black and white TV shows and movies of years gone by.   In your imagination it was not a big stretch to think you could hear the thundering hooves of the horses. And the music backgrounds for the dramatic chases.

Yes, Cheryl, I see you, too!

David Weller and Eileen Weller taking pictures at one of our stops.  Cheryl was out tour guide and driver for the day.

The Saguaro doesn't begin to grow any of its arms until after the first 50-75 years.  And then you see one with this many...... Yes,  we Googled that after it was apparent that not all memory cells were set for perfect recall. 

There was actually some water gurgling down the gully.

After coming back to the fairgrounds from our days explorations we stopped in to the fairground restaurant for what ever you call that meal where you eat in the middle of the afternoon and then can pretty much call it lunch and dinner.  I have to refer you to Cheryl's Facebook posts for the famous restaurant pictures.  She has been far fleeter of typing than I and manages to track all those lunch stops very well.    

We wandered over towards the barns to see if many of the horses had shown up for the Team Penning Competitions this weekend.   This dog had a down stay to be admired, while he waited for his person to finish up with her horse.

The next day we headed west of Tucson to the Desert Museum.

I watched as one young woman just backed away from the displays in the reptile building and quietly told the people she was with that she would wait for them back outside.....

The Real Estate Agent for the critters can list this one as the town house with a patio and view.

The fox had been turned into the program by its owners that had tried to raise it until they realized that a pet fox just wasn't going to work out as a good idea.   The care givers are trying to maintain some human-animal bond with the fox to aid in providing improved veterinary care over time.

I almost didn't even go into the hummingbird display.  I did get to see more than I was able to catch on camera.  Of all the animals I saw displayed, from the snakes to the cats to the wolves, I think the thought of the hummingbirds not getting able to fly free hit me the hardest.

Today, Eileen and I drove up to Cheryl's campground and Ava drove down from the Mesa area, picked up some subway sandwiches for all of us and we had lunch and an afternoon of sitting around talking and gazing out upon "movie backdrops" to seemed too unreal to be real.

This picture is to hold me to honesty.  When I was in Quartzsite I took two tins of cookies that Martha had so kindly thought to send west and remembered to share them at the GTG.   The reports by all recipients at that time were that the cookies were delicious.   Then a funny thing happened when I was out in California and went digging through the back cabinet to find my Canon camera, it seems Martha had actually handed me three tins.......   This tin had the sugar cookies. yum. yum. yum.    I do want to report after leaving some with Laura and Alice out in California the remaining cookies have been delivered to more of the WomenRV forum members.  

The pups and I have reservations at a campground near Sedona for a couple of days starting on Monday  and then we are trying to find an open site somewhere over on the east side of Phoenix so that we can drive up by the Salt River area and see if we can glimpse of some of the wild horses.  

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