"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Food, More Kayaking, More Shopping

More pictures of people talking and eating food. More pictures of the peaceful river. No pictures of today's shopping but know that Sarah and I now have plenty of "sun shade" cloth to do what ever we want.  A nice new patio rug, a couple of tire covers, a nice shade for the awning and a sunscreen for the front windshield......  Take it from someone who has seen these priced at dog shows, we did very good.

Soo's Diana guarding the kayak "borrowing" area.   Soo's campsite was right next to the kayak launching point. Very convenient for everyone

Dinner at Soo's place Monday evening.

Tuesday some of us took turns taking additional paddles on the lazy river and met up with the big turtles.  I just waved at the 14 foot gator on the way back. Grandpa gator was sunning himself on the bank and Sandy and I didn't really want to bother him.

Sandy promised not to tell on Stuart and how long it took him to give up his complaining about being so close to water and not being allowed to jump in.   He did get tired....

Sandy on ahead....

Pictures of the kayaks because folks have asked what they really look like. This one is the "ducky" looking Sea Eagle.

 This one is the Advanced Element. Nan and I both have one and find that it fits our bodies and long legs.

This one is Liz's and fits her Liz size body well.  Liz's model is no longer made but has served her well and is lighter weight than the Advance Element above.  Just to show you that they come in all sort of styles, sizes and weights.

Dinner Tuesday night at Linda and Sandy's site.   And the night that the rangers came.... :=)   If the crabby folks only remember that we are old and whatever noise and laughter we might make at 6pm will not be a problem come 9 o'clock.  The rangers took one look at us and knew we were trouble.  We did have to move a few cars......

Tonight's meal was at Dawn's site and Margie seemed busy with her camera so you will have to check her blog for those pictures....  

I am heading out tomorrow to have lunch with my cousin and his wife.  The cold front moves in tonight. The weatherman said it might only go up to 65 degrees or so tomorrow.  (Sorry Ohio.)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pictures! Pictures! Food! Food!

Here is an update of activities down here at Hillsborough River.

First off they were not members of our group, but they get the award for coming the farthest.

An afternoon meet and greet at Irmi and Steve's campground.

Gloria, JoanE, Dawn, Linda.

Another visitor hanging around Irmi's.  He cased all of us out and later was observed swooping down and picking up dropped "chips."


Then folks climbed in the Golf cart that Dawn had rented to check out who else had arrived.  Margie (and Annie), CArol (and Maggie), Wendy, Dawn.

The crew greeting Sarah (and Nicky) with Sandy on her bike in the past.

Liz, Judy B, JoanE and Joan's daughter who was a great sport listening to the conversations of her elders.

The Assistant Sultan Steve and Roger Woodall who both hold their own well in this crowd.

Dinner at Irmi's

And then we woke up to have breakfast at Nan's.

Nan brought her "Cabana Boy."

Stuart came to breakfast and kept careful watch of the trees and under brush for possible SQUIRREL attack.

After breakfast there was the kayak launching.

Nan on the river.

And the river is very inviting and slow moving so that no one was lost paddling "up stream."

The gallery watching and possibly hoping to catch some of us in the water.

More watchers on the wall.

"Life is good....." says Remi.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hillsborough River GTG, In the Beginning

The WomenRV GTG here in Florida has begun as more folks are finding their way past the entrance gate and are winding their way back to the campground.

Before we share some pictures of the state park, Remi wanted folks to know that he got to walk on the beach before we left St. Augustine.  Notice that there is no surf rushing at his feet.

Also before making the final drive over to Hillsborough River, I made an over night stop at Sportsman Cove and was able to park next to Liz.  On Friday morning before the final leg, Liz and I made a grocery run and stopped by to visit Irmi, Steve and Carol.  Steve and Irmi will show back up in Saturday's pictures as they arrived at Hillsborough this afternoon.  Carol b will be showing up later if her plans work out.

Carol b, Irmi and Liz

Carol b (from NY) and her Roadtrek.

Irmi, Liz and Steve....explaining all the responsibilities of being the Assistant Sultan at these GTG's while totally out numbered by all of the women. Dock would be proud!

Now after setting up at Hillsborough, I got to meet Gloria and Paco (the dog).

 Guess who arrived around 4pm this afternoon?  Judy was able to back her rig in without any video record of the event.

Introductions were made and we hung out at Dawn's picnic table for awhile before heading off for supper.  After posting this picture, Dawn may not allow me to come visit her site anymore! Beth has taught us well.....I'll blame it on Beth.....

Some of us headed over to take advantage of the spaghetti  dinner.  We got a private song or two from the evening's musician. We guessed that he was trying to convince us to return at 6:30 for his concert.  We didn't.

After dinner we took a short hike to work off a meat ball or two.....or maybe it was the garlic bread...We headed down towards the river.

Steve was really hoping that the suspension bridge had more bounce. He got over the disappointment after awhile.

Irmi, Steve, Gloria and Dawn.

And tomorrow many more will arrive. The campground is full tonight and the moon is beautiful.  The dogs both got baths this afternoon and the laundry has been done.  We are ready to hike and kayak and play.