"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Monday, September 12, 2016

Michigan Adventures

The dogs and I drove north to Michigan to attend the Heart of Michigan's English Cocker Specialty held each September outdoors at the Brighton Recreation Area.  I haven't attended in a number of years but the setting is beautiful. The dogs and the people are the best.  The weather covered several corners from rainy, windy, humid...to cool and sunny.  With the help of others I was able to get both Audrey and Josef in the ring at the same time.  They both behaved and showed well but so did 20 or so other "specials" and several were much more "special" than than us.  But it was fun to see some top dogs and support the club's show.

After the pop-ups came down at the show site and cars drove back down the roads, I drove the RV back across the road to where the camping area and the show dogs turned into camping dogs and will remain so until Friday when they will need to get handsome again for the weekend.

As many times as I have been up to the HOM shows I have always wanted to get out on the lake. So today was the day.  Remington thought that Audrey needed to learn to kayak.   And she did.  

We brought one of the Sea Eagles for her training because it is much more forgiving of wiggles.  As you will see there were several wiggles.   

"What's that stuff in the water?"

"It is everywhere. Could I touch the bottom?"

The narrow channel that connected one section of the lake to another.

And then there was more to look at.....over there.

And down here....

"Look, I can stand on the front and see even more stuff!"

"Was that a turtle?"

"Yes, that is a turtle. Can I keep it?"

"Bye, bye, turtle...."

"You talking to me? What do you mean that maybe I could just lie down and relax awhile?"

 Just so much to see for a curious dog.

She never really did relax. She had so many things to see and watch but with help and reminders she never actually jumped in either.

Towards evening I headed out to explore the other end of the lake with a much more relaxed kayaking partner.   Remi is willing to just sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds that come to him with as little work on his part as possible.

A real relaxing paddle...

We made our way back to the small beach at the campground.  Most of the weekend folks have gone but there are several of us hanging out near the water. 

Here we are with our lake front property.

Tomorrow is expected to be another beautiful Michigan day and there is more water to paddle.  I would say that it was Josef's turn to kayak but he has some maturing to do before I try that and we could all takes bets that he would not remain inside the kayak long....