"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Old Adventures and New

I didn't take any pictures of the Brooksville Dog Show and the site set up. Just think about parking in a big open field with 150 plus other folks in lots 25 feet wide.   We did have nice neighbors. There were Boxers on one side, Great Danes on the other and Rotties directly behind us.  The hike with the crate cart to ring side wasn't too bad and there was plenty of walking/hiking areas for the non-show dogs to stay entertained.

Then we headed down I-75 to Hardees Lake County Park.   It is definitely a well kept secret from the folks up north.  Excellent rates for electric and water hook ups run $107 for 5 night and then add two nights free.   Over the air channels come in and the Verizon service is great.    There are miles and miles of trails/roads around the four lakes.   If the temperatures had been a little warmer and or the wind slightly less, I would also report kayaking. But under the circumstances I decided to wait for a future more favorable weather picture.

But before I start talking about the new hiking adventure there is the story about what was thought to be lost and is now found.  So.....when you sit around nice campfires and go to put something away in a pocket of the "camp chair" to make it easier to carry it back to the rig you open pockets not usually used.   No, not the pocket one uses for the bottle of water or the can of pop or the wine glass, the other zippered pocket that never gets opened.   And there you see it, the waterproof Olympus camera last remembered back in Kansas 2 years ago when we got back from kayaking and laid it down on the grass so that we could let the air out of the two Sea Eagle kayaks and get them rolled up and loaded in the rig/car.  I saw it and remember thinking, that isn't a good place to lay it down.  what I didn't remember was picking it up and safely depositing it in the nearby camp chair for safety.   Sigh.  But it does explain why you are looking at some pictures that are two years old.

First, the recent adventures since that was the way they loaded and does it really matter which pictures come through first?

Audrey and Josef thinking they might get to decide which way to walk.

They get the idea that walking in the same direction works best.

So off we go around one of the lakes.

The roads around the lakes are great for walking multiple dogs at a time.  Also great for some of us that aren't in the mood for climbing up and down mountains at this time.

And between walks there is great company to sit back and enjoy the sunshine with..... Soos, Donna and Carol.

And then there were three.....Audrey, Josef and Stuart.

Returning from a walk around one of the other lakes by way of the road that leads back to our campsites on Lake 2.

And if you don't want to hike around the lakes and through the forest you can call the lady in front and she will haul her horses over and take you on a tour of the park on horseback......I have her card.  

Soos and Diana strolling past Carol's rig on the right.

The puppers and their traveling "yard."

And now a few pictures from two years ago...    

I kind of remember that eagle hanging around the campsites.

Here goes....Carolb, Lyn hidden behind the pole, Karen West, Claudia, Anita with her back to us blocking the view of Sarah, Sharon, Catherine, Sandi and Birdie, gathered at Catherine's site.

Sharon getting ready to take her kayak out on the water.

Catherine trying out the Fast Track and Peggy, who currently was not in Conn., kayaking with me in the Explorer.

Sharon successfully on the water. I say that because I seem to remember a less than successful part of the water adventure earlier in the paddle.

Claudia (Wings) and Howdy in his basket.

Remember we were in Kansas and we could hear the Wizard of Oz music in the background as Claudia and Howdy headed down the camp roads.....

And Sharon let potholders, Red and the other brother, Red, come out one day for a visit.  This particular story is too long for this post but give either of us a campfire and a glass of wine and we will share the story of their travels after being left behind at the Nashville GTG in 2009.