"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Monday, October 2, 2017

Down by the Riverside

No dog shows this past week. Several of the dogs and I headed west to meet up with some of my friends from the WomenRV.com forum.   The trip out was uneventful but brought be past fall fields of corn and soybeans with their muted soft yellow.  Between the color and the occasional harvested field it even smelled like autumn.

And then we arrived at Thomson Causeway COE campground on the Mississippi River.  Definitely a good place for birds.

Bottoms up!

There was a Escape GTG on the other loop.  Escapes are small Canadian made trailers and very nicely made. Anyone looking at Casitas or Scamps should at least look.  I didn't look up prices on any website but we are thinking they are expensive but high quality.  They group had Open House and we all wandered in and out of many rigs.  They come in 17', 19', 21' and a small 5th wheel. 

Back to the water front.

Eileen's house on wheel.

Cheryl's new digs.

Sue's trailer with Molly and Piper.

Our visit to the nearby Wind Mill.

No picture of Lyn's rig (my excuse is she came in after my rig photo urge) but here is Ms Lyn!

Prepping to a little sun protection.

Cheryl's Zoro and Punkin were not terribly amused.

But some of us were.

Eileen's river side view.....

Back to birds....

Stopping at the scenic view on the way to Galena.  Need to ask Cheryl about the dance interpretation.

Cheryl, Sue and Eileen waiting on the porch for our tour of General Grants home in Galena.  Lyn stayed behind to read and watch out for our rigs and read....

Steep streets that used to be.

Store dogs.

Another store dog....

Found one of the eagles.

Way up there on the left of the big trees.

And my usual finds. Two creatures for one.

Ravages of the river.

There be monsters in the water.....paddle carefully.

Hornbeck on the Mississippi.

The second eagle but much farther away up the river.

Our campsites from out on the water.

The beaver lodge out in the causeway.

Another evening gently falls and tomorrow we will find another adventure or two or three.