"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And the New Adventures Begins

After finishing up work last Tuesday but without any help from the dogs I got most of the "stuff" loaded onto the Short Bus.  Stuart was suspicious of the sorted piles that had been accumulating in the bedroom over the weekend and did keep an eye out for other happenings.  His confirmation of something's up came for sure when he noticed dogs getting bathed....

Remington and Audrey didn't seem too worried about what was coming. They spent their energy rearranging the back room and then trying to look innocent about how blankets and pillows  all end up on the floor.

If there appears to be a theme here, you are right.  Audrey is all about play until the crash.  I am just hoping that she can use this skill out on the road.

Wednesday afternoon we finally got out of Ohio and headed south towards Huntsville and a visit with my friend Sarah.   After about 5 hours of too much driving I stopped in Bowling Green, KY, at the local Walmart for a quiet evening.

By Thursday I pulled into Ditto Landing, the campground in Huntsville.  Friday another one of the women from our WomenRV.com forum drove up from Birmingham for lunch. Sarah's wonderful Nicky was very happy to see Wendy and her lap.....   Wendy also gets a special thank you because I was able to transfer three boxes of Dennis' pottery from my car into Wendy's for delivery to a cousin in Birmingham that wasn't expected home until a couple days later.  The delivery method was successful and Dennis' pottery was delivered. 

Wendy, Darlene, myself, Paulette and Sarah at lunch.   Later in this winters adventure there will be scenery photos but these first days are full of visits with people.  

And, yes, by Sunday night I had made it to Lafayette, LA , and had another delicious meal. This time I got to meet two woman from the travel forum that I have been reading posts from for years.  Thanks again Carolyn and Martha for driving out to meet me!

By Tuesday several wandering women  had made it to Vickie's driveway: Nan, Vickie and Mitch.  And no matter what Ronnie and Vickie say we did not bring the cold weather here!

Mitch found more rain to drive through than I did.....   Maybe she brought it!

We managed to stay warm enough last night and by this morning we cam in for coffee and to play with our technology.  Nan had brought in both her new iPad and a new camera.  Mitch is a very patient teacher especially demonstrating all the apps made for researching camping issues.

As you can tell, Mitch and Nan were concentrating intently....

All last night we sleep under extra blankets and listened to the rain fall.  Vickie had told the story of the flood of 2006 when she and Ronnie had gotten flooded.   It gave us something to think about while we listened...Sure enough when the dogs needed to go out about 1 AM, during a lull in the weather, Stuart and I both noticed that the water had risen.  Remi just noticed that it was wet, wet, wet..... 

Vickie and Ronnie's campground in Louisiana....

We get to help Vickie prepare food to take down to her sister's on Thursday. She plans to trust us with sharp knives and everything!   On Friday I am hoping to be back on the road and head towards Houston.   Maybe without rain this time!