"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Of Crater Lakes and Old Ladies Riding Horses

Tomorrow the pups and I pull out and head over closer to Canyonville and the GTG that starts on Wednesday.  I figured it would take me two days to clean the forest and dust from the rig and the dogs.  And there may always be opportunities for more laundry and the exciting grocery shopping.  I wonder what Costco would like me to bring to the GTG to share?

Attractive arrow head displays on the restaurant ceiling.  It was a small restaurant and not much wall space.....

Com sit for awhile and be glad.   But bring your bug spray to be even happier.

This was the lake that Mitch's campground was on.  She liked her electric and her AC and her views when she walked down to the lake.

Mitch and I took a day trip down to see Crater Lake National Park.  With the wild fires that had started from lighten strikes the air was a bit hazy.  On Friday night the rangers came through Mitch's campground and told everyone that they needed to hook up and be ready to evacuate if needed.  Many pulled out and went home. Mitch had a glass of wine and went to bed.  She and everyone else were still there on Saturday morning.  

If you ever wonder if those pictures of Hotshot fireman with beautiful abs is accurate, Mitch reports those calendars are real.  On her walk down the road to meet me Saturday morning she saw one of the young men take his shirt off.   The rest of the day she was getting whip lash everything we saw the fire crews and their trucks.   Nope they were already dressed in their gear.   But it is good to keep ones dreams live.

There was some debate.  We know that you aren't suppose to pick up rocks and plants in National Parks but what about snow ball?

I like their fencing.

And some folks hike up to the peaks for the views.

Two rangers were on their way up.  Since we have both been reading Nevada Barr novels, watching rangers takes on new imaginations.

Where the deer and the antelope play.....  Okay, eat.

Clouds floating above blue, blue waters......

The lodge is an older one. Like the bark left on the pillars and walls?

Think of how many tires folks must have gone through to make it a vacation destination back in 1920's.

We had lunch at a restaurant on Diamond Lake and watch everyone getting ready for a fishing derby.  Made me even happier that I hadn't moved down to one of the NF parks on the lake.  Way too may people.

And a few boats.

And ice cream....

Watching the fire still smoldering across from Mitch's area.

But I managed to make it back to my spot of conditioned air.  Just walk on down by the water and feel the breeze lifting off the cold creek.

Bring a book.

And she said she hadn't ridden in over 40 years.  I was going to ride by myself but she is an adventurous sort and there were cowboys involved.    The trail rides have been operated by Wayne Watson since 1969.   The young girl grooming in back was a granddaughter.  The promised to pick out a horse with short legs so Mitch won't have as far to fall.

That green stretch is what passes as a meadow in the high country.

Our Cowboy Bob is Wayne's son.

The horses taking a breather at the half way point.

A new version of the horse whisperer....

And, no, Mitch did not want to think about how dusty it might get trailing a herd of cows across the prairie....this was dusty enough.

Small mountain creeks.

Since we were up high enough the pines were thinned out and there were many dead trees littering the landscape.  Not what either of us expected.  Again we were not too far from the Pacific Crest Trail and I decided that riding through that area was at least better that hiking through.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

More Exploring in Oregon

More exploring, after laundry, of course.  Before scamper back into the forest I did spend two nights at a Passport America park near La Pine.  Electricity, TV news and laundry for $1. and 60 minutes of drying for $1.  It doesn't take much to excite RV travelers.   After the laundry was complete, Audrey and I took a day drive up to Paulina Lake.

Mountains for those folks that live in flat places....

Most of us have read these explanations of how we have changed the "health" of forests before but it is still a reminder that it is human behavior that has put so much of our forests in danger.   Now when they burn....everything is destroyed.

Paulina Lake. Looks like a nice place to stop for awhile, unless what you really wanted was an unlimited hot shower, unlimited electric and cheap laundry within walking distance of the rig.   Maybe next time through.

A couple of campers play in the water.

The Springer was retrieving a tennis ball. The Golden was too busy playing, "Hop around and splash the water with my front feet and try to catch it in my mouth."   Wheeeeeeee.....

A view from Paulina Peak.   I would not have thought to drive up except that the young woman at the CG desk recommended "The Peak."    It was narrow, curvy, dirty, dusty and washboardy most of the way up, but, hey, haven't I driven in Alaska and Mexico?   Besides, I was in the Honda Fit and she will go most anywhere. (As my friend Nan has also demonstrated in her Canadian adventures.)

There are actually two lakes within Newberry Caldera.

A lava flow because I know how much Mitch loves lava.....

Luckily, little Honda has a first gear and we used it often.

Trees in the campground.

Observed on our hike to Toketee Falls, a huge wooden pipe line which is part of a hydroelectric project and built in 1949.   

Some aging seems to have occurred but it is amazing to look at the craftsmanship.

walking towards the falls.

Mitch with the trusty trail hiking companion, Stuart.

Mitch had I had driven up the road and looked through a couple of other available CG closer to Crater Lake National Park but then the tenters moved out of the spot on the river and consensus was that neither campground had anything left (that wasn't already reserved or parked in) through the weekend.   I decided that driving the extra miles would be worth it.   And, yes, those trees really do make it cooler. There is even a slight breeze in the warmest part of the afternoon.   If it gets too warm over the weekend I can always walk the few steps over to the river/creek just visible to the left in the picture and wade around.  I know Stuart would like that solution.

"You know it is a good site when the GHL gets the x-pens out," observes all the puppers. "Means she will sit outside and do that reading thing in the shade."

When you have the best sites, sometimes you might be bothered by neighbors checking out your water front property. And their little "almost" white dog, too!

"Hey, you cute thing! Come over here and I can sniff your butt. Mitch isn't even looking. You know you want me to....." whispers Remi.

Playing with a black "stuffy", Audrey isn't even wondering just how far she has slipped from that "I'm a show dog" look.