"It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed." Art Wolf

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Idaho and the Piney Woods.

So I struggled and struggled to post the picture up to Blogger.   Even with cell service they didn't seem to want to go.  After checking defaults settings and everything I could think of I thought of one more thing. I deleted the post I had begun and started another post.   I am now sitting in Stanley, Idaho watching the pictures load.  I am pleased that I am back in service even if that service will be interrupted by traveling through wilderness with no cell service. While Mitch and I drove around sightseeing this morning I found that the town's cell towers stopped about 1/4 mile from the National Forest Campground where we are staying.  It was my dedication and the lure of good pizza that sent me back into town later in the afternoon to try my theory and find out it works!

The puppers and I have landed in southern Idaho to rest up and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the piney woods.  Other campers didn't really start to show up until Thursday night and those are still few.   National Forest campgrounds are some of the best.  It helps to have a little sun at your campsite and solar.  After realizing that there were some cell service it was very easy to decide to extend our stay.  The Verizon cell phone isn't finding service but Mitch's phone has service and my MIFI has some 3G bars so folks will know where to find our bodies in an emergency.  I was able to read stuff but not load pictures.  It was a puzzle but now solved.

We stayed at one of America's finest parks as we headed out of Cheyenne and on towards Idaho.  And did I tell you how much I am enjoying my solar.   If there are any TV stations to be had I get to watch some morning news, but don't remind Mitch. It makes her hands cramp as they twitch my direction. That middle finger is the worst.

Here was out first National Forest find.  We stayed four days it was that peaceful and quiet and our sites were level.

The trees are tall and green and the nights cool sleeping weather.


Mitch thinking very hard and talking to herself, "Red is positive....."

Stuart resting on the dash patiently waiting for the GHL to get off the computer and take him for another walk.

Audrey taking Mitch for a walk.  I had a better picture but Mitch complained about being seen in her sleeping T-shirt.  Audrey said, "See me practicing my show dog stack? Do the burrs show?"

We drove around sightseeing.   This is a sight of one of the largest Indian Massacres....Can you see maybe why the Indians liked this part of the county?

Mountains for a friend in Louisiana .

Yes, our Fitbits will attest that we really did walk up all the steps for this view.  I nice young man and his wife followed us up and offered to take a picture . He was also nice enough to pretend to be slightly out of breath to make us feel better.

 Mitch had lost her wallet right before she left on the trip. The credit cards had been replaced but she needed to get another Old Age Pass. Going into Pocatello also gave Mitch a chance to introduce me to my first Jack in the Box meal and Tacos.   Yes, they are the really that special blend of crispy corn taco at the top with a nice grease soften bottom.

There may be no place like Laco, because I don't think we actually found it.  Well, we weren't actually hunting for it.  My 7 year old GPS system tried taking us back to camp by an alternate route.  We were game for the first few dirt and gravel miles but as the lane grew smaller and smaller our need to get back to the puppies over came out sense of adventure.  But we did find the sign out in the middle of nowhere right after the UPS truck kicked up the dust probably heading to Laco.

Well now to get back to the wilderness. I can load pictures and crop them knowing that next time I reach cell service I can post again.  

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