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Friday, October 4, 2019

More Adventures in Edinburgh

Thursday dawned without rain but also without the sunshine of Wednesday.  This is Scotland in October and so far it hasn't been any colder than last winter out west in Arizona.  It is all about layers.

Today started out with a bus ride back to the Holyroodhouse for a tour and a wee walk up to Arthur's Seat.  So glad that the royal families of the past decided that visiting Scotland was a good thing and the building and grounds were worthy of bring back and maintaining.  It is fascinating to read through all the individuals who moved through these spaces over the centuries and to know that they are still used today.  

Between history class and historical novels most of the names were known to me.

No photography is allowed of the inside but the courtyard is impressive enough to start. The royal rooms are on the first floor above the ground floor with accommodations for important guests and followers on the second floor.

The sense of the monarchy from one century to another is strong when you see pictures of the Queen meeting guests in the same rooms used by Victoria and Albert.  And many of the furnishings remaining the same.

The ruins of the original and much much older Abby are to the right of the Palace.   They housed the original royal chambers until the first towers were build and housed Mary Queen of Scots.

The young lady was poising for her mother.  The stone work.

The tourists seem to be part of a dance of cameras.

Now off to the gardens.  Every summer when the Queen comes for a week she and a few 8,000 of her  family, friends and other important people enjoy a large garden party. 

And that is where I am headed next.

This  big, bright, friendly fellow was met as I headed up the path to Arthur's Seat. He and a slightly smaller female were busy bounding around with their mistress.

Did I mention that he was really, really big.  I was going to call him Rollo until I remember that Rollo never made it to Scotland.  (Outlander books)

Some people went that way.

I went this way.  Picture was taken during one of my "let the Gray Haired Lady sit on this large stone" moments.

And I did not count the number of individuals who were jogging up and down the paths.  I could  admire their health and conditioning but really didn't have the extra energy to spend marveling.....

This picture is for Liz.  Some things just need more attention than others.  The young man on the ground was very intent on whatever he was capturing and his friend was very patient.  The Holyroodhouse and ruins of the Abby are in the background.

And the closer you get to the top.....  The joggers were not running on these paths.

Took I different paths down.  This one less traveled, but I wasn't as concerned that I would need someone to immediately find my body, either.

Continuing the walk back towards the Holyroodhouse and the bus stop.  Look another GHL rock but this time on flat land.

This picture is for Laura and all the other retired teachers who spot the class field trips and say the thankful prayer that we are glad that it isn't us.  Teacher in yellow bravely guarding her flock from traffic.  The children had just come from visiting the Scottish Parliament.   It was open and free to the public but not a priority for this trip.   The architecture was pretty modern and original though.

This picture is for Jim of Dunbar Gordon Setter fame.......   Not all the Closes were fixed up this nicely.

The dates on these stones, when even readable, makes wandering church yards in America seem so  recent in time lines.  And many of the names do not disappoint the imagination.

When walking the royal mile, next time, I will remember to start at the top and wander downhill.  Just a thought.

Definitely some movie making going on around town. There was quite a bit of equipment and a few more trucks to the right.

Heading up towards the castle on Friday.

First stop though was the Camera Obscura 7 World of Illusions.  Views for the roof top as we waited for the an introduction to the original camera.

After seeing the camera it was time to explore the museum of illusions and wonders.

The static electricity machines.

Alas, I guess there are some down sides to traveling solo.

Much, much more. Many of the magic eye and other pictures and illusions but all in one place. 

Outside the castle a small group arrived chauffeured up in a fine taxi.  Looking like an official ceremony of some sort. I took two pictures because there were two very classy dressed Scotsman.  "Yes, the GHL tourist is looking at you my fine young man."

This photo from the castle was to remind me of the ramble up to the top yesterday.

The hotel with the orange window blinds (they appear almost salmon colored in this picture) is the EasyHotel  The reception desk and a few rooms are on the first floor above the shops on the ground floor with two more floors above that.  My room was the one on the far right, 2nd floor.  I only had two floors of stairs to climb.

See picture to follow.

This canon was described as the weapon of mass destruction for its time.  

Followed this young family down from the castle.  The young man was willingly trouping along happily dragging his umbrella across the cobble stones and enjoying the click, click, click, click, click.   If that is all it takes to keep him walking......good lad.  

The display of fish hooks made me think of my friend Martha in Louisiana.   

So many wondrous sights to see and so tired are the feet that take us there.

And about feet....does this bring back any memories?  It was a wonderful device used to show what your foot looked like inside your shoe.  X-rays and all.  We had one on our town growing up and I do remember looking at my feet.

The Scottish guillotine. 

And another memory of the headlines for Dolly, the first cloned sheep.

Tomorrow it is time to leave Edinburgh for the highlands.  Any further editing needed will need to wait.  

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